Get a Soil Treatment Evaluation

If your site has heavy metals in the ground, Soil Solutions HMR can treat it.

 We have the expertise and experience to neutralize your brownfield, whether it’s contaminated by lead, cadmium, arsenic or any other heavy metals. Every project starts with a soil treatment evaluation. Start yours today.

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The Evaluation Process

Soil samples for treatability study

Composite or grab samples are gathered from a test pit on your site in maximum possible concentrations.

Soil Treatment Evaluation

The samples are treated with several proprietary reagents in a range of concentrations.

Soil Treatment reagents

All reagents are lab-proven according to TCLP, SPLP, MEP and CalWet testing requirements.

Soil treatment samples

The treated samples are analyzed using pre-qualified local laboratories and 3rd-party validations.

soil treatment plan

Based on evaluation results, we determine the precise formulations and treatment technology to decontaminate your site.

soil remediation in situ ex situ

You can relax, knowing you’re in good hands. And our treatment technicians, engineers and field teams get to work.