Chemical Reagents

Our soil treatment plans feature our proprietary chemical reagents for Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Arsenic (As) and other heavy metals. We conduct rigorous sample gathering, lab-testing and ongoing monitoring to ensure 100% effectiveness.

Heavy Metal Fixation

Our soil treatment formulations work by creating insoluble molecular bonds with contaminants through a process of hydroxyapatite crystal substitution.

Heavy Metal Stabilization

Blended with bulking or solidifying agents, they neutralize and contain the waste in a one-step application, rendering it non-hazardous and safe for removal and disposal.  

Dosage and treatment approach are determined by site conditions.

Asset 6-8


Reagents are added directly into the soil and blended with excavators or specialized mixing equipment. This process ensures proper reagent contact and dispersion.

Asset 7-8


Soil is first excavated and stockpiled in a central, contained location. Reagents are then added and blended using either standard hydraulic equipment or specialized mixers.

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Wet or Dry

Wet methods can be applied with a simple spray header and hose if working in a constricted area. Both wet and dry methods include above-par dust and material dispersion controls for maximum site safety.

Low Waste

Depending on scope and size of your site, treatment formulations will be precisely measured and shipped according to need: from 30lb bags to Super Sacks to Full Truckloads. Our wet treatment process is commonly less than 1% WWB (wet weight basis). Our molecular packing methods reduce waste volume by up to 5%.  

supersacks for soil remediation

Project Spotlight


Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Convention Center Project

The Boston Redevelopment Authority contracted Soil Solutions HMR for the Boston convention center during the Big Dig in Boston, conducting ex-situ thermal desorption and chemical fixation.

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