Route 146 Extension Project

Massachusetts Highway Department


Project Details

  • Technology: Ex-situ application of liquid reagents that react on contact to treat TCLP lead soils. Less than 1% increase in weight and 1,200 tons per day schedule easily achieved with minimal equipment and personnel. Standard hydraulic equipment used for stockpile mixing.
  • Regulatory: MA DEP Central Region
  • Type of material: Urban Fill & Slag
  • Contaminating metal: Lead (Pb)
  • Position: Remediation Contractor
  • Volume of media: 25,000 tons
  • TCLP baseline: 25 to 50 ppm range
  • TCLP treated: <0.1mg/l to ND
During the extension of Route 146 in Worcester, the Massachusetts Highway Department contracted Soil Solutions to perform patented ex-situ chemical fixation for lead impacted soils.

The soil was previously classified as hazardous waste and subject to expensive disposal fees and taxes.

The remediated soils were reclassified as non-hazardous and allowed for transport and disposal at a less expensive Subtitle D landfill.

Soil Solutions conducted treatability analysis to determine the proper chemical admixture and engineered the ex-situ remediation process to meet site conditions.

We then mobilized specialized process equipment and patented chemical stabilizers to perform the work, and managed all soil remediation, stockpile tracking, confirmation analysis, and transportation and disposal activities.

Featured Projects


Quest Technologies
Construction Site
Clifton, New Jersey

Quest Diagnostic Headquarters

Soil Solutions HMR was the soil remediation contractor for Quest Diagnostic Headquarters in New Jersey- treating 25,000 tons of lead-contaminated soil


U. S. Forest
Service / Environmental
Contractors, Inc.
Warren, New Hampshire

Ore Hill Mine Site Restoration

Soil Solutions HMR treated the CERCLA abandoned mine tailings in Ore Mine Site Warren, NH ex-situ treatment of 50,400 tons of lead and zinc impacted soil.


ConocoPhillips / URS
/ Clean Harbors
South Weymouth,

Weymouth Neck Project

Soil Solutions HMR provided in-situ treatment and processing of arsenic and lead-bearing soil at Weymouth Neck (Conoco Phillips, URS, Clean Harbors)


American Optical Corp.
Southbridge, Massachusetts

Settling Lagoon Solidification

Soil Solutions HMR was contracted for the solidification of Lead impacted sediments in a settling lagoon at the American Optical facility in Massachusetts.

DSC00028 (1)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Cambridg, Massachusetts

MIT Housing Project

Soil Solutions HMR provided in-situ chemical fixation for MIT's Lansdowne Street New Housing and Construction project building on lead-impacted soils.


Massachusetts Highway Department
Worcester, Massachusetts

Route 146 Extension Project

Massachusetts Hwy Dept contracted Soil Solutions HMR for ex-situ chemical fixation on lead-impacted soils in the extension of Route 146 in Worcester.

DSC00010 edit-1

Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA)
South Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Convention Center Project

The Boston Redevelopment Authority contracted Soil Solutions HMR for the Boston convention center during the Big Dig in Boston, conducting ex-situ thermal desorption and chemical fixation.

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